FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

If you will not find an answer for your questions, feel free to Contact Us – kids@cawards.org

What is the meaning of my Judging Status in FilmFreeway?

NOT SELECTED – unfortunately your film didn’t meet the minimum requirements of the Film Festival

SEMI-FINALIST – your film was selected as the semi-finalist in the category(s) to which was submitted. The judging status is to all categories.

FINALIST – your film was selected as the finalist in the category(s) to which wast submitted The judging status is to all categories.

WINNER – your film won the category(s) to which was submitted and recived the Official Selection to the Live Screening.

This makes the selection process more transparent to all filmmakers and is a guarantee that all kind of films (short, feature, documentary, etc) have equal opportunities to be selected to the Live Screening.

Can the Judging Status of my film in FilmFreeway still change?

The status of the film that you received in the notification is Final. 

If you didn’t receive the notification from FilmFreeway on your email, please check also the spam folder.

Will the Festival show my film?

We will show in Pathé Tuschinski all Winners films.

Who can use the festival Laurels and where I can find them?

Semi-Finalist, Finalist and the Winners can use a dedicated Festival Laurels for promotional purposes:

Who will receive the certificate?

The certificates are reserved only for the winners. 

They were published on our Facebook page.

When will be the Live Screening?

In Netherlands we have the Covid-19 LOCKDOWN. All cinemas are closed and gatherings for children prohibited. The Festival decided to postpone the Live Screening on August 26, 2022. 

My film was selected to the Live Screening. How should I delivery the film?

We will contact you soon about the DCP delivery.

Which Film will receive the Golden Eagle Trophy?

GOLDEN EAGLE STATUETTE is handled during the Awards Ceremony of the film festival within the year:

– Best Children’s Film 

– Best Teen Film 

Which films will be published on the Festival website?

We publish on the Festival website only the Winners of all categories. The films selected to the Live Screening.

All informations are based on the submission rules.